Fundraising and Grantmaking Software
There are many software products to choose from in your industry.   Here are some important differences which we feel set us apart from our competition....

Our software products work simultaneously on multiple operating systems.  PC at work and MAC at home?  No problem - we use IBM Domino, a cross platform collaboration tool.

Your important contacts can be synchronized  with your Smart Phone (some additional costs may apply).

Our software shines when networking and relationships are the key to our clients' success.  Manage intense relationships with key people & organizations. 

Our system is a whole office system for tracking relationships with ALL your people.  ALL correspondence, information and documents can be stored in a person's record and easily found.

Access your work from anywhere - volunteers, board members, and key staff can work from multiple offices, home or on the road.  The platform makes this cost effective - using only an internet connection and easy setup.  Your data is encrypted and secure.

This is a powerful groupware and collaboration product.  Our clients generally have smaller workgroups where management wants team access to all information and has a strong say in quality control and knowledge of the product. 

We are EXPERIENCED and at your service.  When you choose us you not only have a great software product but also a known support team at your disposal.  Read our 'About Us' page to find out more.
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