PowerOFFICE for GrantMakers
Streamline your philanthropic processes with our unique approach to grants management software.  We've been empowering grantmakers to manage their giving programs more effectively since 1994.

Here's what PowerOFFICE for Grantmakers can do.... Call us for a DEMO

•  Provides full virtual office capability
•  Staff and key board members can access the data from any location
•  Enter new applications or import from your custom web application
•  Import Excel spreadsheets of grant applications
•  Import people  with a matching routing to eliminate duplicates
  •  Track the application as it moves through your approval cycle
  •  Keep checklists of required to do items during the review phase
  •  Send yourself email reminders of due items
  •  Attach .pdf, Word, Excel or any document with the application
  •  Track applications by grant cycle or approval meeting
•  Automatically generate a summary cover sheet for the application
•  Circulate grant applications electronically to key committee members
•  Record approval and decline dates
•  Enter  payment schedules and grant conditions
•  Keep a shared  calendar of reminders and grant conditions
•  Track multi-year grants for as many years in the future as you need
•  Generate customized grant agreements and file with the grant
•  Generate and file all your  letters and correspondence
•  Store unlimited letter templates to use in single letters and mail merges
•  Create mail merges and labels or envelopes
•  Create a custom check requisition form for your accounting people
•  Monitor paid and overdue advances
•  Run statistical reports or export into Excel for custom reporting
•  Track all your people and organizations in one place
•  Keep records of relationships, family connections and anniversaries
•  Document meetings, phone calls, emails, faxes
• Send out group emails to keep in touch with  grantees
and much more!....
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