Home Automation Heating
Heating and Cooling Control

It was a complex heating problem in our own home which initially brought us to the Home Automation solution.

We have in floor heat with an elecrically fired boiler.    In floor heat is very slow response heat, and for that reason a normal thermostat doesn't really work very well - though most systems are installed this way.    Most programmable thermostats have only home and away settings - not adequate.

When Ontario initiated smart meters in 2009 we needed a much better way to control the heating system in our home to control costs.    After much research we realized that we had a great heat storage system in the form of our massive floor.    Electricity is inexpensive at night - in fact it is the most inexpensive energy source at off peak times.

What we needed was a system which could turn the heat on earlier or later in the middle of the night - based on the outdoor temperature.   A perfect challenge for a computerized automation system.    The boiler seldom fires now during peak rates.

That's not the only way automated solutions can make your life better.    Here are some others

Monitor temperature, humidity, luminance and more from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet
Automatically receive alerts or trigger events when temperature goes above or below specific levels
Automatically receive alerts or trigger events when humidity goes above or below specific levels
Automatically receive alerts when food temperature is reached
Automatically control heating, cooling and ventilation based on changing temperature and humidity
Automatically turn off lights when rooms are no longer occupied
Remotely monitor pool or spa temperatures
Automatically receive alerts or trigger automation events based on changing levels from any sensors