Home Automation
What is Home Automation - why choose PowerNET - an authorized HOMESEER dealer!

Home automation is a computer controlled process.   An automated home is more efficient, more convenient, and automation can perform tasks which are not practical to control manually.      Our specialty is in systems for homes and small offices.    We are not a heating company, and we don't do electrical work - we're automation specialists - we know computers.

Automation will give you the peace of mind the of knowing your home is looked after even when you are not there.   We'll do a turnkey operation, or help you install and learn to manage your own system.

Possibly one of the the most important features of home automation is the fact that it operates even when you are not at home.    It is easily managed remotely from a tablet phone or computer and it can be programmed to notify you by email or a phone call, of events which are important to you and your residence.

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