Help & Support
By now you're hopefully very excited but wondering how much does all this fun cost.

Home Automation is of course priced based on your requirements, but a starter system can be installed for between $2,000 and $3,000.   There is no monthly monitoring fee required unless you want us to do it or help.    We can even go to your home if a problem arises.    Call us for an estimate or a quote.

Help with Technology

Your first introductory session is only $15 for up to 30 minutes of assistance.   

Regular rates are $18 for 15 minutes, $35 for a half hour or $60 per hour.

Call us or send us an email, with your phone number and we'll call you - we call you back, so it won't cost you anything!

Once we're chatting we'll give you a special 6 digit code to use after you click the base clef button below.

All you need to do is open Internet Explorer, a couple of clicks will give us permission to go on line and help - nothing is left on your computer after our session.

We accept Visa and Mastercard

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