PC & Windows Assistance
We've been working with Personal Computers and Networks since 1982 - before that, it was mainframe computers and large systems.   For over 50 years in total.    That means we understand how things work from the ground up - and we're impeccably honest about our recommendations.    We don't sell hardware or software at a markup - we work hard at being really objective.    Yes we have bias' - but we disclose them and why - and our opinion does change as the world changes.   Click on any one of the headings below for more details - or give us a call and we'll chat.

Windows and Network help

Excel Modelling and Excel Training

Quickbooks setup and Accounting training @ PO-Accounting.net

WEB Sites, Domains, EMAIL and Address Book mysteries solved

Family History help & Photo / Negative / Slide scanning

GPS help - Advanced Boating, Driving or Hiking stuff